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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tutorial: How to Install Custom Content to the Sims 3

Hi everyone.

Everyday I see people with troubles on getting CC to their game, so I though I'd make a tutorial of it.
There are many existing already, this is the one I used myself the first time when I had no idea what to do. 
Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files, at Mod the Sims (for package files).

Here is my tutorial.

Before you actually start to do anything to your game, read this tutorial through. By taking the actions mentioned you do it at your own risk, this is perfectly voluntary; no-one is forcing you to do it.

What is CC?
CC comes from words Custom Content. It is stuff made by players them selves for Sims games. You can get CC in 2 types of files, Sims3packs and package-files. Those need to placed in right places to work in game.

Here is a picture to show you the difference in filetypes:

Rounded with blue are package-files. They are just blank files, if you haven't chosen a program in which to open them. (You don't need to) Mine are white, and have lightblue notebook on them, cause I have chosen to open them in notepad, when I wan't to check things on them.
Rounded with red are sims3packs. They are blue, and have a plumbom on them.

These files need to be installed different ways, they DO NOT go to same folder!!!

How do I install sims3packs???

First, you need to have one or more sims3packs. There are 2 ways to install them. 

1st way is really simple, but takes more time.
- Open the folder you downloaded the sims3pack to.
- Double click on the sims3pack. This opens Sims 3 launcher and installs the file to your game. Handy, but you can only do one at the time.

2nd way has little more steps, but you can do multiple files at once.
- Locate your Sims 3 Downloads folder in: My documents/Electronic arts/The Sims 3/Downloads. There should be folders like these, you only need to open Downloads.

- Copy-paste the sims3packs you have downloaded to that Downloads folder.
- Then, open the Sims 3 Launcher.
- Open Downloads Tab on the left.

Here you see all the sims3packs you have put to downloads folder.
- If you are installing just few files, select them by hand, tic check-marks to those white boxes next to them. Then press 'install'.
- If you are installing many files, and don't wish to select by hand, press 'Select all' above the files. This selects all the files that are in the folder. Then press 'install'.
- Pressing install opens the game installer (Not the one that installs game). It shows you the process of install, do not touch anything while it's doing it.
- After install is done, you see complete log what was installed, just press ok.

The items are now in your game, and you can start to play :)

How do I install package-files???

First you need to have working FRAMEWORK. This is something the game needs to read the package-files.

There are 2 ways of doing that, but I'm gonna only show you the headache free way.

- Download Delphy's Framework installer from Mod the sims. Here is a link.

Read the instructions there!!

- Save the file to desktop, should look like this.

- Make a new folder, to desktop. I named mine, you don't have to if you don't want to.

- Put the rar-file inside that folder. Then open the folder.
- Right click on the rar-file and select extract here. (You need extractor to do this. If you don't have one, and/or don't know how to use one, I have a tutorial for that too. HERE.)
- Should look like this after extract.

- Double click on FrameworkInstaller(.exe). Doing this launches the Framework installer.

Here is a pic of older version of Framework Installer, with framework not installed. New version has same features, but looks neater. (You'll see that soon too)

Up it shows all the Sims 3 games available at the moment. Diagnostics shows whether you have framework installed or not.
- Browse to the install folder of each Game you have by pressing change. (I'm not sure if the folders are already browsed if you have installed to default location).
- When you press change, it asks you to browse to the install location, and has the default location mentioned, you just need to find it on your PC.

       The defaults are:
c:/program files ((x86)with 64 bit syst.)/Electronic arts/Sims 3
c:/program files ((x86)with 64 bit syst.)/Electronic arts/Sims 3 world adventures
c:/program files ((x86)with 64 bit syst.)/Electronic arts/Sims 3 high end loft stuff

- After you have all the games you have selected and browsed, press install.

Here is the pic of the new version of the Framework installer.

It should look something like this for you after pressing Install. (Don't stare at my install paths, they are not default, also I don't have HELS, so it shows empty on mine)

- You can now close the program, and delete the folder you made to desctop, you don't need it anymore.

Then we can install the package-files to your game.

- Browse to the install folder of the latest EP/SP you have. (Expansionpack/Stuffpack)
For Base game only: c:/program files ((x86)with 64 bit syst.)/Electronic arts/Sims 3
For WA: c:/program files ((x86)with 64 bit syst.)/Electronic arts/Sims 3 world adventures
For HELS: c:/program files ((x86)with 64 bit syst.)/Electronic arts/Sims 3 high end loft stuff

Inside of that folder should look like this:

- Open Mods folder, inside it should look like this:

- Open packages folder.
- Copy-paste the package-files you have inside the folder.
- Close the folder.

The items are now in your game, and you can start to play :)

Notice, that I don't take any responsibility for the actions you have taken by this tutorial. If you have forgotten a step, or done something wrong at some point, it's not my fault.


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